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In this situation you may simply should take the insulin pump off. Connect with others ask questions and share your experiences with people with diabetes their carers and family.

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Some trains do not allow any tools to be used because getting the pump knocked into you or falling on it can be uncomfortable.

Diabetes x ray. When you have to detach. Went onto gp online system today because i knew the pelvislumbar spin x ray reports would be on there. The agony of not knowing is hard on your diabetes.

If baggage remains in the path of the security scanner for longer than normal or if baggage is repeatedly x rayed the insulin may lose potency under normal conditions insulin can safely pass through x ray machines at airport terminals. I stared at him and responded point blank what. It is 630pm here so i guess i got someone off hours who was handling the computer for the evening.

There is nothing i can do about getting the chest x ray results but i got through to someone in the lab. Do not send the devices through the x ray machine. Feeling exhausted washed out etc because of the labythinritis thank you everyone who posted and at mikeyb thanks for the warning about alcohol but i dont even if want any at the moment.

The success of this combined diabetes detection and chest x ray survey suggests that other screening procedures should be studied to determine the desirability of adding them to similar community wide case finding programs. Correlation of clinical and biochemical findings with diabetic ketoacidosis related cerebral edema in children using magnetic resonance diffusion. Is it ok to put spare sensors through the x ray machines in hand luggage please.

Freestyle libre and airport security. If you do not wish to remove your devices you may request an alternative pat down screening process. When you detach your pump you are stopping all delivery basal and also bolus by the pump.

I finally took your advice and made the move to call the hospital lab. You have to remove your insulin pump before we can take your x rays the technician said to me. Discussion in type 1 diabetes started by sklane11 may 20.

Medtronic diabetes provides a 24 hour helpline for technical assistance. If you have concerns about x rays you can request hand inspection. Glaser ns marcin jp wootton gorges sl et al.

You need to remove your insulin pump and cgm sensor and transmitter while going through an airport body scanner. Insulin pump x ray. Full text full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version.

No i cant take it off i tried to hide the panic in my voice but it quavered as tears stung my eyes.

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