Bacteria Infection In Blood

Bacteria viruses fungi and parasites can infect your bloodstream. Causes of bacterial infection in the bloodsepsis may occur due to other pathogens apart from bacteria.

Path To Sepsis Varies By Bacterial Infection Infection

Sepsis is a life threatening medical problem caused due to bacterial infection in the blood.

Bacteria infection in blood. This article provides some information about the various types of bacterial infections and their causes. Viruses and fungi can infect the blood and cause sepsis though bacterial infection is the most common cause for the condition. Bacteremia also bacteraemia is the presence of bacteria in the bloodblood is normally a sterile environment so the detection of bacteria in the blood most commonly accomplished by blood cultures is always abnormalit is distinct from sepsis which is the host response to the bacteria.

Bacteria can enter through wounds or travel to your blood from another infection such as urinary tract infection or pneumonia. Sepsis caused by bacteria is thereby called bacterial sepsis. Different types of blood infections include bacteria blood infection viral blood infection fungal blood infection and parasitic blood infection.

In some cases infection in the lungs like pneumonia urinary tract infections or appendicitis can spread and lead to development of infection in the blood or sepsis. To understand more about bacterial sepsis read the ensuing healthhearty article. People who have a compromised immune system have a higher risk of such an infection in the bloodstream than others.

Bacteria can enter the bloodstream as a severe complication of infections like pneumonia or meningitis. Bacterial blood infection is a condition wherein the blood stream of a human is infected by pathogens and toxins causing life threatening complications. Bacterial infection occurring in the blood is the most common cause of infection in the blood or sepsis even though there are many microbes that may cause this condition.

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